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Today, everyone is talking about “Big Data.” But the term Big Data is so broad and technical, it seemingly takes data scientists, universities, and Fortune 500 companies to figure it out.

At N’compass, we believe the hype originates from the desire to confidently approach problems and make decisions with the proper support of technology and Meaningful Data.  How you do that depends on your ability to collect the right data and interpret it to benefit your organization’s unique goals.

That’s why we have developed the LIVE Software Platform.  Today, LIVE is the platform that powers our LiveDC, LiveDC: COLO, and Service via Software (SvS) solutions.

However, our future goes beyond IT.  We are going to convert “Big Data” into a language we all understand. We are currently conducting other use cases for the platform in fields like medicine, research, and agriculture. Stay tuned, we have only just begun!

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Service via Software (SvS)

Service via Software is the modernization of the consulting service industry to combine human experience with today’s technological advances.

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LiveDC gathers the foundational elements of your data center environment and uses it in targeted ways so that you can make informed decisions that provide optimal IT services to your organization.

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LiveDC: COLO is a software solution for data center colocation providers that enhances client relationships, supports facility optimization efforts, and creates additional revenue opportunities.