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Our Leadership Team

The leaders of N’compass Technologies, LLC are committed to our mission to bring “big data” benefits to organizations of all sizes. This multi-talented group of experts will lead our team as we expand the capabilities and reach of our LIVE software platform.

Lonnie Bloomquist

Lonnie Bloomquist

Chief Executive Officer, Board of Governors

As CEO, Lonnie Bloomquist owns N’compass Technologies’ long-term strategic vision with a focus on financial health, sales growth and investor management.

Lonnie has more than 30 years of diverse experience in the information and communications industries. He is currently the Chairman of the Board and CEO for EdgeData and Hunters’ Management Group. He also sits on the Board of Governors for N’compass Technologies, LLC, as well as on the Board of Advisors for several privately-held companies in the Midwest. His extensive entrepreneurial background includes implementation of business strategies, as well as executive, organizational and operational consulting.

Lonnie has held a variety of roles throughout his career including Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Chief Technology Officer (CTO), and acting Chief Information Officer (CIO). Lonnie is also co-founder of Involta, an award-winning provider of enterprise-class, multi-tenant data centers and end-to-end managed IT services nationwide.

leadership - chris pinc

Chris Pinc

President, Co-Founder, Board of Governors

Chris Pinc is a founding partner of N’compass and has led the vision for its recent strategic transition to a big data software company. As President, Chris oversees the company’s big data vision, as well as the daily operations and implementation of its long-term strategic plan.

With more than 20 years of experience in strategic business and IT consulting, Chris is an expert in the ever-changing role of data in decision-making and the pursuit of achieving competitive advantage. Chris’s previous leadership roles include Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and Chief Visionary Officer (CVO).

Chris currently serves on the N’compass Technologies Board of Governors and is Chairman of the Board for holding company, N’compass Solutions, Inc. Prior to co-founding N’compass, Chris worked with LarsonAllen as a senior technical consultant. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Corporate Finance from Moorhead State University.

Tom Muggli_headshot

Tom Muggli

Chief Architect

As Chief Architect, Tom provides technical leadership and vision to the team responsible for design, development and maintenance of the LIVE Platform.

In 2007, Tom developed our foundational software platform to capture and analyze real-time power, space and cooling data to improve strategic data center decision-making. Before the terms “big data” and the “internet of things” were popularized, Tom knew a software platform like LIVE could be instrumental in helping organizations access and take advantage of the rising amount of available data to make informed decisions.

Tom has been developing enterprise applications for over 20 years. Prior to joining N’compass, Tom developed and managed enterprise management solutions for a global network of Solution Centers at the world’s largest consulting firm. He also founded one of the first Internet Service Providers in the state of Minnesota.  Tom has a Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics/Computer Science from St. John’s University, MN.

Josh Verhelst_headshot

Josh Verhelst

Vice President Global Operations

Josh Verhelst is responsible for N’compass’ client delivery processes, as well as the development and readiness of our LIVE software delivery team. As a member of our leadership team, Josh also assists with business development and strategic direction for our software platform.

Josh has extensive background in large-scale, enterprise strategic projects. He has a proven ability to develop, align and implement business plans and frameworks to achieve strategic goals in a fast-paced, competitive environment. His professional experience will lay the foundation for guiding the process and delivery for the LIVE Platform’s data-driven capabilities.

Josh has a Bachelor of Arts in Management Information Systems from the University of Northern Iowa.

leadership - chris flaherty

Chris Flaherty

Co-Founder, Board of Governors

After working at companies such as Ashton Tate and Packard Bell, Chris seized the opportunity to put his experience and beliefs into practice when he co-founded N’compass Solutions, Inc. in 2000.

Currently, Chris leads strategic and major account development and serves on the Board of Governors for N’compass Technologies, LLC as its Secretary and Tax Matter Expert.  Chris is also on the Board of Directors, President and CEO of holding company, N’compass Solutions, Inc.

Chris’s extensive background in business development and customer relations has helped our clients reach heightened levels of collaboration with their organizations’ strategic goals, using the decision-making capabilities of the LIVE Platform. Chris has worked with clients in numerous key industries, including healthcare, education, financial services and retail.

leadership - kristi paul

Kristi Paul

Board of Governors

Kristi joined N’compass in 2011 when she merged her firm, Applied Communications of Minnesota, with N’compass. Kristi is Chair of the Board of Governors for N’compass Technologies, LLC and serves on the Board of Directors for holding company, N’compass Solutions, Inc.

Prior to owning and managing Applied Communications, Kristi held marketing positions in New York and Minneapolis for Bloomingdales, Wenner Media (Rolling Stone, US Magazine, Men’s Journal) and the Star Tribune. She also was on the press advance teams for a United States presidential campaign and the Nelson Mandela and F.W. deKlerk Liberty Medal ceremony.

Currently a marketing strategy advisor to N’compass Technologies, Kristi is in the process of forming a data-driven marketing and communications company.  Kristi has a Bachelor of Arts in English from the University of Wisconsin – Madison.