Would You Trust An Easy Button?

Free Cash.  No strings attached.  Easy button.  What do these three things have in common?  Lack of human participation and subsequent distrust.  Things that are too easy and require little human involvement Read More

Blending the Human and the Algorithm

There is no easy button in sports.  We currently have a conundrum on display for college football rankings.  The old voting/ computer ranking method used by the BCS system has been replaced Read More

Taking the Road Less Traveled

In this connected world, re-evaluating a direction for decision-making, that doesn’t instinctively point towards “the easy button,” is hard.  Focusing on what is important to you is imperative.  This means filtering big Read More

LIVE Platform Improvements

We continue to make changes that improve the performance and functionality of the LIVE platform — the foundation of our inaugural Service via Software (SvS), LiveDC.  If you are a current user, Read More