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Large Financial Institution: LiveDC

Solid Metrics Reduce Risk and Enhance Strategic Investments

Leveraging its expertise in data center management, combined with the LiveDC data management software solution, N’compass worked closely with a large Twin Cities financial institution to free up 600 kW of capacity in one of the company’s major data centers.

N’compass achieved this by helping its client better understand how much power the company’s data center was truly consuming, developing a clearer understanding of the impact that virtualized work loads were having on the company’s data center system, and observing that the company was using a single derating value for all of its equipment, regardless of the service model or business use.

By capturing real-time power draw with LiveDC and evaluating the power draw against specific pieces of equipment, N’compass established multi-derating values. With LiveDC, N’compass discovered that the data center’s Time to Live for each category measured – Power, Cooling and Space – was unbalanced.  In addition, LiveDC also uncovered a hotspot (84.2 degrees F) that resulted in failed equipment.

With new, solid metrics, this client increased the efficiency of its data center, increased its capacity, mitigated downtime, and can now make better, more informed strategic investments.

As a result of this successful engagement, this large financial institution now uses N’compass LiveDC ongoing services to manage data center capacities and make proactive strategic data center decisions.

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