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Medical Clinic: LiveDC

More Informed Strategic Investments Result in Reduced Risks, Increased Operating Efficiencies and Diminished Downtime

For a leading medical clinic based in central Wisconsin, N’compass was retained to analyze the company’s investment in a 3,500-square foot data center expansion to its existing data center, and to clarify the clinic’s IT strategy.

Using LiveDC, N’compass’ discovered a power imbalance within the clinic’s existing data center and provided recommendations that increased the efficiency of the power and cooling infrastructure. What’s more, N’compass reduced other expenses to the business through the consolidation and virtualization of IT assets. Because N’compass was able to optimize the clinic’s existing data center to obtain greater performance metrics, the clinic was able to defer its $3 million expansion for 24 months.

To achieve these results, N’compass:

  • Conducted a fact-based data and trends analysis to determine key data center metrics, and an analysis of the company’s IT operations;
  • Validated the clinic’s virtualization strategy to increase computing power with fewer physical resources;
  • Adjusted and modified the clinic’s IT system to increase reliability and resilience; and
  • Enhanced the connection of the medical clinic’s IT system to bring it into better alignment with other business systems.

As a result of the intelligence LiveDC provided in this project, the clinic now uses the monthly LiveDC service to ensure continued optimization and enablement of business functions.

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