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Using LiveDC to Drive Down Energy Consumption Across Multiple Data Centers

In association with Xcel Energy’s Data Center Efficiency program, N’compass recently helped one of the largest public universities in the U.S., reduce its carbon footprint by 9.510 metric tons, which equates to the annual greenhouse gas emissions from 1,692 passenger vehicles.

How did N’compass do it?  Using N’compass’ proprietary LiveDC software solution, N’compass obtained critical intelligence about the energy consumption across eight data centers.  Using thermal snapshots, N’compass identified hotspots of energy waste, which enabled N’compass to better understand the university’s virtualized workload, power consumption and airflow.

With better metrics, N’compass developed a new model to increase data center efficiency and energy consumption.  And, for tomorrow’s needs, based on energy savings calculations, N’compass helped the university identify opportunities and recommendations for the decommissioning and consolidation of hardware and future data center technology and power capacity investments.

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