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The Right Data collector that powers the LIVE Platform.

Simplified IT Discovery

Elicit is a data collector for the LIVE Platform that comes in two forms: a physical appliance and as a software package that resides on a server or virtual server located within your IT environment. The Elicit collector was developed to simplify the discovery process while pulling together pertinent data.

Elicit data collector

Elicit Physical Appliance

Right Data Aggregator

Elicit extends the LIVE Platform capabilities through the aggregation of applicable data, based on metric requirements determined by you, and collected from various monitoring tools and network enabled devices in your environment.  Elicit ensures that you are collecting the “right data” to help you make sound decisions about your IT capabilities.


Elicit automates the collection of data from diverse sensors and monitoring systems both natively through IT devices, as well as from websites via URL scraping.  Elicit then sends the information to the LIVE Platform, where customized scripts collate and analyze the data for display in the user interface.

Agile Architecture

The Elicit appliance runs on a Linux-based operating system that has a proprietary set of Java code that provides secure connectivity to the LIVE Platform.  All communication between Elicit and LIVE is SSL encrypted, ensuring all collected data is securely delivered and never exposed in transit.