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The brains behind our Solutions.

LIVE is a customizable platform that is based on the premise that the interaction between human experience and technology will revolutionize decision-making.

LIVE is a combination of our data collector called Elicit and our cloud-based software.


Elicit is the LIVE Platform data collector that utilizes multiple technologies to capture live or near real-time data through:

  • SNMP
  • HTTP
  • Local and remote file collection
  • Application Programming Interfaces (API)

Elicit comes in two forms: an appliance; or as a software installed on a server or virtual server within your IT environment using:

  • Microsoft (Windows Server 2003 or higher)
  • Linux (Debain or RedHat based)


The LIVE Platform’s purposeful architecture was designed to easily collect and decipher the “right data” so you have the metrics and visibility you need to make informed decisions.

All communication between Elicit and LIVE is SSL encrypted, ensuring collected data is securely delivered and never exposed in transit. The SSL data transfer encryption is the same trusted standard that is used by financial institutions and online retailers.