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LiveDC is a software solution that is smart, affordable and insightful.

LiveDC provides a comprehensive view of your data center and IT infrastructure so you have the foundational information to take advantage of the multiple options you have for delivering your services.



Environmental Management

Power: Understand how much power your data center and IT infrastructure consume to better control and manage future power use.

Cooling: Receive a real-time, visible thermal profile to help you better understand how to target cooling to deliver overall efficiency.

Humidity / Dew Point: Deliver current and historical humidity data and trends, including rack elevation humidity levels.

IT Asset and Capacity Management

Asset Tracking: Track hardware location, power consumption, network ports, financial information, maintenance and license renewals.

Space Management: Understand current capacity and track historical growth so that you can create “what-if” scenarios to better use your data center space.

Data Center Energy Optimization

Intelligently manage the use of energy in your data center, no matter its location, to decrease energy spending and meet “green” data center programs.


Set up thresholds that trigger notifications to advise you of potential risks to your data center environment.

Business Planning

Gather meaningful metrics and present the information through customized dashboards called LiveTILES.  LiveTILES help you visualize opportunities to leverage and optimize your IT investments, while providing you with reporting capabilities to communicate progress and success to all levels within your organization.


LiveDC uses data series that can be built by you or by uploading one of our templates. This allows you to control what data is the right data to be collected and tracked.

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