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Service via Software is the modernization of the consulting service industry to combine human experience with today’s technological advances.

Coined by N’compass, Service via Software (SvS) refers to the use of technology to “Henry Ford” or mass produce the repeatable, data-driven, analytical processes our IT consulting experts have used to successfully deliver our strategic IT and data center services.

“Fordism” is not a new concept. Named after Henry Ford, Fordism is described as a model of economic expansion and technological progress based on mass production.

Traditionally, we would begin an engagement with the discovery of historical and current state of our client’s IT environment.  From data center strategy and IT optimization, to risk analysis and disaster recovery planning, the common starting point – what’s the historical and current state of your IT foundation and what business processes depend on it? If you can obtain this foundational information, you have the data needed to analyze, make decisions, determine required assessment metrics, and report progress.

To be successful in “Henry Fording” our product (i.e. consulting service), we needed to develop the following:

  • The standardization of our service (The N’compass Approach)
  • The use of special purpose “tools” designed to deliver the analysis process easier (The LIVE Platform that enables LiveDC, LiveDC: COLO, and future SvS solutions)
  • The ability to collect the right data using technology during a discovery process, instead of human beings (Elicit)

So, as you’re considering the various software “tools” available (ITAM, DCIM, DMDB, ITSM) to understand your IT environment…ask yourself, “what am I really looking for?”  Perhaps it’s an affordable SvS solution created by IT experts. IT experts who have been in your shoes and understand that you just need to know the state of your foundation and gain customized analytics, so you are equipped with the information you need to heighten the service you provide to your organization.